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even with the presence of this global handset just feels smaller and difficult to move, unlike the era of communication still depends 80andunia by Telephone via the cable hard enough to get service. and of course in a mobile power supply contained in called with batteries, most modern gadgets including mobile phones use lithium ion batteries. all the info that you can see in supercasino channel 5 Nicknamed lithium ion battery because the battery power is derived from the flow of lithium Ions (Li +) in the electrolyte solution. As we charge the battery, lithium Ions flow from the cathode (positive pole) to the anode (negative pole). In contrast, lithium Ions flow from the anode to the cathode when the battery is working.
Electrolyte, anode and cathode is packaged in a pressurized container. Separator layer separating the anode and cathode so that they do not touch each other. Separator is made of super-thin plastic with micro holes just enough to pass the lithium ion. Well, the problem started when the battery is produced at the factory. There was dirt in the form of metal beads that go into the electrolyte solution. Not much, but can cause Havoc. This full story.

At the time of charging, the battery temperature increases. Metal grain there will be running here, similar to grains of rice in water and stirred. If you are near the separator, metal beads that could tear separator. As a result, there was a short circuit between anode shorted alias and cathode. The next event is predictable.

Shorted to electric currents flowing very fast. Temperature and pressure inside the battery will increase dramatically. The explosion was inevitable. Short circuit could also sprinkle sparks like flint. Cash only lithium salt which is highly flammable great lit up. Just imagine the energy that can make phone lit it for days off in a flash.

Lithium ion batteries now have to work harder. Required greater capacity, but its size should not be inflated. Inevitably, the factory battery separator using a thinner and more easily leaked.

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Following wheel drive system using all-wheel-drive 4Matic in the 2003 Mercedes-Benz C-Class and S-Class and the 2004 E-Class wagon, the biggest luxury car maker in the world will offer a similar system in all variants of sedans and wagonnya. This is for the first time such an offer is made.

Wheel drive system all-wheel drive that is used on all sedans and wagons, Mercedes-Benz has a mechanical center differential that distributes torque to the front and rear wheels. a set of planetary gear center differential to split torque with a 35/65 percent ratio from the present front of the rear car berpenggerak impression as the rear wheels with good handling.

The system used Mercedes-Benz does not require differential locks or limited-slip, except for G-Class is equipped with three differential locks to penetrate the field of off-road super heavy.

In contrast, Mercedes-Benz 4Matic equipped with electronic traction control for four-wheel that allows the car to keep moving even if only one wheel are still having contractions.

Adopting the same strategy as the new C-Class was introduced two years ago, Mercedes-Benz announced that it plans to price new 2010 E-Class is significantly lower than the model out to more closely reflect the actual projection of the number of transactions.

With the new design E-Class, which occurred in the sale next month, will start at $ 49,475 for the V6 rear-drive E350 sedan, which cut rates in 2009 E350 by $ 4600. V8-powered E550 open at $ 57,175, or less than $ 5400 sedan out. Adding all-wheel drive to meet good people will cost $ 2,500.

New E-Class Coupes, which replaces the CLK-Class models and currently only available at the back of the drive, starting from $ 48,925 to $ 55,525 and the E350 to E550. Both prices also reflect a significant reduction of the CLK from the 2009 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

Although lower MSRPs, all new E-Class models feature enhanced level of standard equipment. While the rear-drive sedans and Coupes arrive in dealerships in late June, 4MATIC all-wheel-drive models are not due until September. Completing E-Class lineup - but not yet unpriced - E63 AMG sedan is due in November, a 50-E350 Bluetec diesel four-door country in March, E350/E550 convertible in spring 2010 and a station wagon E350 June 4MATIC .
Have not yet seen the car is modified up stationwagon. Here, Mercedes-Benz C230T. Tongkrangan cars from Germany in 1997 made it so sangar. Udah abis flat, dark color like Black Crow bird red combined on the same wheel lips, added cool.

For Radinka Ariapanditya Djan, Mercedes-Benz C230T hers because dipermak not want to be different. Dinka, greeting familiar Radinka, convinced that Hitler's wagon from this country, if modified to ciamik. In fact, now the star represent the club exhibition MB W202.

From the exterior, especially the body nothing extreme. But, in order to look "poll" abis, the use of air suspension dijabani Dinka. Although he could not sleep day and night because of rare or even rare suspension of water packed C230.

Incidentally there are artificial water quality Universal Dinka known via the Internet. Installation system uses 2 buttons (for raising and lowering the front and rear wheels). The compressor has reached 200 Psi pressure placed on the right side of the air suspension tube. For the future given 70 Psi (max up to 100 PSI), was behind 75 Psi (max only 90 Psi).

With flat tongkrongan abis, less ritually pure if not supported by a qualified engine performance. Moreover, workers generally European cars (in standard conditions) is less responsive. To mendongkraknya, piggyback from dastek dipakailah Type Unichip Q. "Strength increased by about 10%," said Teddy, Rev. juraga Engineering workshop is set piggyback.

Interestingly, the console fiberglass box motif contrived. Dinka satisfied with the results of modification. Including a car power which he said is very easy to penetrate the 200 km / hour.