Golf in Germany

The holiday golf in Germany was the agenda that must be prepared in the activity plan. This was needed so that your thoughts stay calm and continue the spirit to work. Each work of the office indeed occasionally made the headache and tiring. The holiday that could become one of the methods was best for made you again was fresh. Gave time for the holiday, so as you could go on holiday. Or you could ask for to go out from superior when you felt necessary.

beautiful place that could be visited as the aim of the holiday of being golfreisen-platzreife und golfreisen in andalusien. It apostr s a beautiful the place of good scenery. And when you were the person who liked golf sport, then you were in the exact place. You could come to golfreisen algarve and saw personal golf-course that has we were spread really luas. golfreisen-platzreife und golfreisen in andalusien was good idea. Because you did not only go on holiday but also to go sport.

You could choose golfreisen algarve the Package that in accordance with the requirement and the budget you must Be. The package golfreisen algarve was varying enough. You must only choose the package that usually is turned or that was liked by you. You could ask the friend or your family to play golf with you. golfreisen algarve was the place that was very beautiful to play golf. You will get the not forgotten experience when playing golf here.

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Boost Wellness and Health With Mullein

The mullein is a genus of about 250 species of flowering plants. They are all part of the figwort family. Mullein plants can be found growing natively in Europe and Asia. The highest species diversity can be found in the Mediterranean region. The mullein plant is a biennial or perennial plant that grows from 0.5 to three meters tall. They have leaves that are spirally arranged and often densely hairy. The flowers have five symmetrical petals and can be yellow, orange, red-brown, purple, blue, or white depending upon the species.

Mullein was suggested to be used in treating eye problems, tonsillitis, coughs, stings, and toothaches by Dioscorides. This herb was first introduced to America by the early European settlers. Native Americans used mullein to treat lung problems, with some tribes even smoking the leaves to treat asthma. Mullein was used during the Civil War for respiratory problems. It was made into syrup for coughs. Dr. Edward Shook referred to mullein as a great herb for treating tuberculosis and other lung problems.

Mullein is traditionally well known for its use in treating respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, coughs, tuberculosis, and congestion. The herb can help to loosen mucus from the respiratory and lymphatic systems. Mullein both nourishes and strengthens the lungs. This herb is also used to relieve pain, soothe hemorrhoids, treat burns and bruises, and to induce sleep. Mullein has a calming effect on tissues that are inflamed and irritated nerves. Mullein helps to control coughs, cramps, and spasms. In tea form, this herb is good for dropsy, sinusitis, swollen joints, and can be applied to mumps, tumors, a sore throat, and tonsillitis. Though this herb has been used traditionally for centuries, there is still very little information known of its healing components.

Recent research has determined that the saponins, mucilage, and tannins in this herb contribute to the soothing topical effect that it possesses. These properties are ideal for treating lung ailments, coughs, colds, asthma, whooping cough, and emphysema. Also, this herb is suggested for pain, as a sleep aid, a laxative, and to get rid of warts. One study concluded that mullein inhibits the growth of bacteria, which is a known cause of tuberculosis in vitro.

The leaves of the mullein plant are used to provide analgesic, anticatarrhal, antispasmodic, antitussive, astringent, demulcent, diuretic, expectorant, mucilant, and vulnerary properties. The primary nutrients found in this herb are calcium, iron, potassium, sulfur, and vitamins A, B-complex, and D. Primarily, this herb is extremely beneficial in treating allergies, hay fever, asthma, bleeding of the bowels, bleeding of the lungs, bronchitis, colds, sinus congestion, coughs, croup, diarrhea, dysentery, earaches, emphysema, glandular problems, hemorrhages, insomnia, swollen joints, lung disorders, lymphatic congestion, irritated membranes, nervousness, pain, pleurisy, pulmonary disease, and tuberculosis. Additionally, mullein is very helpful in dealing with bruises, constipation, diaper rash, edema, eye problems, intestinal problems, menstrual symptoms, mumps, skin disorders, sore throat, toothaches, tumors, venereal diseases, ulcers, warts, and wounds.

In order to obtain the best results when supplementing with this, or any herb, it is important to consult your health care provider before beginning any regimen while on medications. For more information on the many beneficial effects provided by mullein, please feel free to consult a representative from your local health food store with questions.

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Antivirus Software and Microsoft Windows Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Windows is by far the most popular computer operating system and given its ease of use and intuitive interface this is hardly surprising. Despite the fact that Windows has been around since 1985 and numerous versions and updates have been released, the software has some security vulnerabilities that make it susceptible to infection by worms and viruses. The creators of these worms explicitly target these vulnerabilities in order spread their malicious software code which can enable them to take control of computers in people's homes, government and military organisations, educational establishments, and industry.

A recent example of how this operates dates back to October 2008. Back then it was usual for Windows to issue security updates for its operating system on a monthly basis, but on one particular occasion in October 2008 it released an update two weeks earlier than was scheduled. This alerted suspicions in a number of computer security experts as to why this update had been released so soon after the previous one. Microsoft announced that this unscheduled update was to fix a particular vulnerability in a port that might in Microsoft speak be used to create a ‘wormable exploit'.

If everyone running this operating system had installed this security patch in a timely manner, what was to follow might have been avoided, but of course not everybody did. Within days hundreds of thousands of computers had become infected with one of the most potentially dangerous of computer worms ever created, the Conficker worm. Within weeks this number had grown to millions of computers.

Nobody yet knows what the ultimate impact of Conficker will be, but already it has carried out a great deal of mischief. Millions of computers have been turned into zombies and, unknown by their owners, these computer are currently sending out spam email to countless recipients.

There is no longer any excuse not to be running antivirus software on your computer. The latest versions of antivirus software can detect the Conficker worm and other viruses and allow you to remove them. Don't let the hackers turn your computer into a zombie.

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Mozila Firefox 3.6 Prepare more Human-Friendly

Immediately Mozilla will release Firefox 3.6 feature list in a guide to a programmer. The developer's escort Firefox 3.6 had the capacity to hide the menu bar automatically, a change that had been announced by the user interface to Mozilla Firefox 3.7 and 4.0. Firefox 3.6 had the design to the plugin developer and the user of the menu bar to control add-ounce Firefox 3.6.

For the web application developer, was gotten the features that could be used to respond certain event. This feature appeared useful to give notification to the user would the existence of the new email, IM (Instant Messages), or the number certain event, like be proper for the software system that walked in the operation that was used by users.

The other change like the browser-men could not only supply the line co-ordinate latitude and lie alongside, but also access that human-friendly, like the name of the road, the city, and the postcode. Features this geolocation could give authorisation into website certain to be able to show the location and coffee shop in the closest folder, where this feature had also been put into Firefox 3.5. Eric Shepherd named this feature as initial Sketch.

Now Firefox 3.5 have been released last June. Currently Firefox 3.6 that was also given by the Namoroka name will be ready the release this coming in the middle of 2010, had a performance that was fast, and many of the service integration system, like the dictionary and the application

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Microsoft sold software was banned the application of the Word office?

This ban was valid for the U.S. territory because of the existence of the prosecution action from the company from Texas, i4i. The company i4i this was the company that supplied the software Word XML and afterwards stressed that Microsoft violated the patent right in 1998 the number 5787499. Microsoft it was demanded his consumer permitted to read the XML programming language to do customize the format of the document. The XML language was put into Microsoft Word where afterwards the user could read and write the XML document.

In the meantime, last March 2007, i4i put this demand, and in May this year, the U.S. the distric court for the district east Texan, found that the Microsoft company that had headquarters in Redmond was guilty of the violation of the patent right and gave the fine to Microsoft as big as $ 200 million (£ 122 million). Currently results from the decision of the same court that appointed Microsoft Word must stop the sale in 60 days time.

Until now, Microsoft has not provided any comment. However, according to the Microsoft blog The Seattle PI, Microsoft spokesman Kevin Jutz reveal that many believe the evidence that has been shown, that indicates that Microsoft is not guilty, and the right i4i patent is invalid. To that end, Microsoft will ask the appeal court decision on it. (H_n)

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Damon Weaver gets his interview with barack obama

Olympian medal winner Michael Phelps cost involved in a two-car fortuity Thursday night in downtown Baltimore, concording to a Baltimore TV station. Phelps wasn't hurt, but the past driver was regaled at a hospital. Police force interviewed Phelps and enjoined alcohol was not a factor, the linked up Press reported. No citations followed published, but the accident stays on under investigating, the AP said.

Chris Pizzello/consociated PressMichael Douglas, left, and his son, Cameron, pose at a film screening out in Los Angeles on April 7, 2003.

Douglas family reacts
Michael Douglas is speech-endowed out about his son Cameron's drug-trafficking arrest, news program of which surfaced publicly final stage week. In a statement, Stephen Arnold Douglas and his family ordered they are "devastated and very disappointed" in the 30-year-old, who could face life in prison.

Meanwhile, Cameron Douglas equals now in a New York City jail also accused of dishonoring the terms of his base detention. Authorities enounce his girlfriend stressed to smuggle drugs to him within an electric toothbrush piece he personified under house arrest in his father apartment Monday, according to the Associated contract and other reports.

Michael Phelps unhurt in Baltimore car crash; Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is grateful after stage fall; and more: The Morning After

White House scoop
Damon weaverbird, 11, whose question with then-Sen. Joe Biden during last year's presidential crusade became an Internet sense experience, eventually set ashore his dream interview -- President Barack Obama.

The South Florida fifth-grader was invited to the White House for the roughly 10-minute interview with Obama, which cost posted previous Thursday on YouTube.

During the talk, Damon demands more or less education financing, school lunches, how parents can amend their children's education, and what small fry* give notice Doctor of Osteopathy to make the country better. He also asks how Obama handles bullies.

Damon, who inwards the video keys out the Chief Executive as "very tall and nice," has interviewed everyone from Miami Heat players to Oprah Winfrey. He's also done reports on adoption and how the stimulus plan would affect his school.

The young journalist already has a full scholarship to Albany State University in Georgia, according to the Associated Press. Yes, he's 11.

Tyler grateful; Aerosmith cancels
In a statement Thursday, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler thanked the patrol, the ring bunch, and the health check personnel who all helped him after his fall from a stage in South Dakota last week. He also thanked fans for their support.

Said Tyler: "I'm literal grateful that I didn't bring out gorblimey neck."

The vocalist broke his left shoulder joint and necessitated 20 stitches in his head, the Associated Press reported.

Meanwhile, in a statement late Thursday, the band announced it followed canceling the eternal sleep of its summer spell on duty Tyler's doctors' advice, the AP said.

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Honored the day of birth Hans Christian Ørsted

Hans Christian Ørsted (14 Agustus1777 in Rudkøbing - 9 Maret1851 in Copenhagen) was a Danish physicist and chemistry, who was affected by Immanuel Kant thinking. In 1820 he found relations between electricity and magnetisme in the very simple experiment. He showed that the wire that was passed through the electric current could refuse the needle of the Compass magnet. Ørsted did not offer the explanation that was satisfactory for this phenomenon. He then did not try to produce this phenomenon in the mathematical framework.

Ørsted not the first person that found that electricity and that magnetisme connected. He was eighteen years beforehand preceded by Gian Domenico Romagnosi, an intelligent the Italian law. The note was about the discovery Romagnosi published in 1802 in the Italian newspaper, but not teperhatikan by the scientific community. Ørsted in 1825 gave the important contribution for chemistry by producing aluminum for the first time. The oersted unit magnetisme was named according to his name.

Piece preparing for an eventide lecture on 21 April 1820, Ørsted built up an experiment which furnished manifest that startled him. As he was setting up his materials, he observed a grasp needle obviated from magnetic north when the electric current from the battery he was using was switched on and off. This deflection convinced him that magnetic fields radiate from all sides of a wire carrying an electric current, just as light and high temperature do, and that it confirmed a direct relationship 'tween electricity and magnetics. The first someone to observe this phenomenon was actually Gian Domenico Romagnosi in 1802.[2] Romagnosi's account of an electrostatic charge from a voltaic pile deflecting a magnetic needle, released in an Italian newspaper, personified largely overtopped by the contemporary scientific community.

At the time of discovery, Ørsted did not suggest any satisfactory explanation of the phenomenon, nor did he try to represent the phenomenon in a mathematical framework. Three months subsequently he began many intensive probes. Soon thereafter he published hullos findings, proving that an galvanising latest produces a magnetic field as it flows through a wire.

His findings resulted in intensive research throughout the scientific community in electrodynamics. The findings influenced French physicist André-Marie Ampère's developments of a single mathematical formula to represent the charismatic personnels between current-carrying music director*. Ørsted's discovery besides represented a major step toward a unified concept of energy.

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video porn Gina Carano and Playboy Pics

Gina Carano, the hottest peeress in the human race of MMA militant is making headlines. Rumors made up circulating that Gina Carano follows departing to pose for Playboy Magazine, altho it wasn't chanced but the 25-year-old mantrap has dumbfounded for Maxim Magazine and I must tell you, she's counting awesome in these films.

Even extraneous the MMA echo, Gina Carano makes up very known. Once back-up Dallas Cowboys field general Glenn Garano equals the father of Gina Carano. Her graveling beauty did her noted as well. In 2008, Yahoo ranked Gina Carano as one of the 10 most influential women. Gina Carano is also listed in the 100 Maxim celebrities.

Gina dropped down to 141 lbs and she is looking even more attractive in her recent physique. Once she said in an interview that for Playboy, she’ll never pose nude but for the magazine, she has made an appearance.

Gina will face Brazilian mauler Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos in her next fight. Cyborg is a splendid fighter and best known for brutality and aggressive style. On Showtime TV, Carano will be facing Cyborg this Saturday. It would be a wonderful fight as both the fighters are strong and competitive.

If you are a fan of Gina Carano, see her Maxim Magazine pictures below and don’t forget to watch her fighting Cyborg, who is unbeaten in her last seven consecutive fights.

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Live on issue Video flowing the side by side Big Thing

The online has get the most crucial invention of the modern era! You would think it's the automobile, television, ultrasonography or even the space shuttle. No, it's the internet! More people surf the online in many lands then actually own automobiles. It used to be that the popular discussion was how may televisions the average family owned but now its how many computers. Thems no marvel that a enceinte portion of the job sector has gone to the internet over the last fifteen long time and it's no wonder that every person on the planet has secrete dreams of becoming the next big thing on the internet.

Countless inhabit experience followed competent to develop loyal fan followings on social networking sites like you thermionic tube comparable a certain obsessed Brittany fizgigs fan! He lived capable to receive is several minutes of fame and even secured a reality series on cable television. The new lead singer of Journey was observed by the band on MySpace and was immediately thrust into the spotlight as the group's new lead singer. In the era of unedited news that captures gave birth at record setting pace it's no wonder that everywhere you look you'll find someone willing to step into the shining light of fame.

So you want to be that person? MySpace makes up brought out and you don't feel like learning "The flight of the wounded bumble bee" on guitar to show the Youtube world that you are the next Nuno Bettencourt? Instead of going the route of "over played police force furrow" make unnecessary yourself a few years of prison time and figure out how to maximize live event video streaming. This is the wave of the future. As "reality" gets put back into the hands of real people and artists take control of their creative outlets from the historically dogmatical and greedy promoters you're passing to discovery oneself that  HYPERLINK "" live event video streaming will become the must have medium on the internet.

Rock bands have already begun to use closed circuit broadcasting to share their live concerts to people around the world and the NFL has successfully broadcasted their games via live stream to theaters in several cities. The wave of the future is already here and it's time for you to figure out how to use it to find your place in internet history!

It won't be long before you turn on your computer and see banner ads for live concerts, television and historical events that will be broadcast in high definition right to your computer. It's up to you to find the creative source to make your mark. Once it becomes the must have item there is little chance you'll be able to ride the wave to the bank and then you'll be left looking for the next big thing.


josh hamilton pics scandal

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The Google co-operation and On2 Increase Quality Chrome

California - Estimated analysts, the co-operation agreement between Google and On2 will increase the performance of Google's technology platform in the matter streaming the video. Google made an announcement, his agreement that was valuable USD106, 5 billion with On2 so firm as this could take part in taking the development of the interior video compresion.

Technology belonging to On2 was some that were best was trapped by him and was enough to receive the consumer's belief. Ounce-ounce including among other technology that and in line with Skype, and the Sony Microsystems Kiss. Was like this like that was launched by Computer Weekly, on Thursday (6/8/2009).

Hoped Google could integrate On2 technology inside Chrome browser so the user might not install Flash from Adobe and Silverlight belonging to Microsoft. This co-operation will also increase the capacity in his Google competition against Microsoft to the arena of the client's software and opened the competition with Adobe.

With the attendance of On2 technology, Google hoped could develop the quality of the video from YouTube. By the internal profit, Google also got the other profit with his co-operation together On2 in the technological field open source.

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The threat Bing Increasingly Real

California - the Bing Threat in Google in overthrowing the unit of the seeker's machine was increasingly seen was real. Because, in the Microsoft report, Bing experienced the rise 8 percent since last June in glide.
"This figure was certainly very important for us." Because this meaning that, whether Bing could meet the wish of the users in using the machine's Microsoft seeker, accused Senior Vice President Online Audience Business Group in Micorsoft Joseph mehdi, like that was quoted by PC World, on Tuesday (14/7/2009 ).
Detailed by Yusuf, the Bing Shopping search experienced in the general rise 5.42 percent. This certainly including moderate because of the hot season now not yet to him during the shopping season. The "hot season not typical high season for the online expenses," he continued.
However, from all that that experienced the increase was most prominent was, Bing Travel. According to the data that was dismissed by Microsoft, the search to travel experienced the jump of the traffic as far as 90 percent.
Although also, 28 percent of the user Bing looked for the key words that were connected with eletronic retail products. "We continued to get ready to the end, my version will be released him." At this time, Bing API has had 11 thousand developers,
When Bing was first introduced, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that this was not the final version of the Bing. Correct course. Many other features that will be added to Microsoft in the search engine.
One of them is the 'quick add'. This feature allows the search engine Bing collaboration with Microsoft Hotmail email service. In short, the user can directly post hotmail search results in Bing and send email to friends or relatives.
In news via Yahoo Tech News, Friday (10/7/2009), the features' quick add 'positioned exactly on the right side of the display hotmail. One line with other features such as map, restaurant, movie times, images, videos, and business listings. Any feature that is clicked, it will bring you to the search box Bing.
Not only that, the Quick Add allows users to enter the video and pictures from the web without having to go out of Hotmail. Ease this concern should be the biggest search engine in the world, Google. Unfortunately, Microsoft is Bing first to do so. If at any time Google tried to make the same features, this course will dismiss credibility of the search engine Google as the most innovative.
However, Google does not want to lag. If Microsoft is hit via Google to the punch through Google Chrome Bing OS.

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Windows 7 E canceled in europe

Microsoft Windows circulation canceled the plan without IE 7 (the Internet Explorer) in Europe, as the form of interest on the Microsoft sceptical attitude from the European Commission against them. Lbih Dave Hainer continued, the Vice President and General Counsel Microsoft deputy explained, they have feedback menindaklajuti for Windows 7 E from various sides, like the company the vendor computer and Microsoft business partners.

Last January, the European Commission announced that Microsoft carried out the violation of the competition for the trade in Europe with his membundling browser mainstay, the Internet Explorer in the Windows package 7. As the response to the warning the European Commission, Microsoft last June 11 had finally made an announcement of Windows 7 will circulate in Europe without IE.

Manufacture according to several companies of the computer, the consumer generally too much does not make an issue of the difference between the package Windows 7 Windows 7 regular and E (with IE). Heiner him in the blog wrote that according to several companies Manufacture of computer, introduced Windows 7 E (with IE) and afterwards also offered Windows 7 completely with him only the IE browser will increase confusion in the consumer's market.

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Google CEO Resigns From Apple Board

Apple said Monday morning that Google's chief executive, Eric Schmidt, is resigning from its board, a move that comes as federal regulators have stepped up scrutiny of the competitive practices of high-tech firms including Apple, the Silicon Valley iconic creator of the iPod and iPhone.

The Federal Trade Commission is reviewing the board ties between Google and Apple, which compete in mobile and computer operating systems. The Federal Communications Commission last Friday sent lettersto Apple and its partner AT&T, asking the companies to explain why they removed Google's voice service from the iPhone, a move consumer groups said prevents competition for voice services over mobile phones.

The Obama administration has promised to ramp up enforcement of anticompetitive practices, particularly in the high-tech and telecommunications industries that have become a vital part of the overall economy. Over the past several years, the wireless and telecommunications industry greatly consolidated through mergers, and the FCC is reviewing the overall competitiveness of the wireless sector to determine whether practices such as exclusive contracts between cellphone makers and wireless service operators -- such as the partnership between Apple and AT&T -- unfairly push out smaller competitors who can't strike similar deals and lead to fewer choices for consumers.

Schmidt has served on Apple's board since August 2006, and has recused himself from discussions where the two companies have overlapping businesses, such as mobile and computer operating system software, the companies have said.

In a press release, Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said Schmidt has been an "excellent board member for Apple, investing his valuable time, talent, passion and wisdom to help make Apple successful."

But Jobs said the companies are becoming greater competitors as Google enters more of Apple's "core businesses." Google's Android mobile operating system competes with Apple's iPhone software platform and Google's Chrome OS competes with Apple's operating system for laptop and desktop computers.

"Eric's effectiveness as an Apple board member will be significantly diminished since he will have to recuse himself from even larger portions of our meetings due to potential conflicts of interest," Jobs said in the release. "Therefore, we have mutually decided that now is the right time for Eric to resign his position on Apple's Board."

The Federal Trade Commission earlier this year launched an investigation into potential antitrust violations between the ties of Google's and Apple's boards as Schmidt and Arthur Levinson, the former chief executive of a biotech firm sat on both boards of directors.

In May, Schmidt told reporters he would not resign from Apple's board, saying he didn't believe the two companies were core competitors. Google's main business is Internet search and advertising, which Apple doesn't do. Google faces another antitrust investigation by the Justice Department of its settlement with book authors and publishers that would give Google access to millions of digital titles.

"I have very much enjoyed my time on the Apple Board," Schmidt said in a statement. "It's a fantastic company. But as Apple explained today, we've agreed it makes sense for me to step down now."

Apple MacBook Air A1304

Lower prices make the new versions of Apple's ultrathin ultraportable more appealing.

MacBook Air that was the product that lived in the margin. It apostr s the laptop slow - actually, the slow computer - in Mac the line. It omits many fitur that the standard in laptop Mac other, like several port USB, FireWire port, one port ethernet, and optical drive. And finally above-of-the-line MacBook Air in fact slower than our predecessors in various tests. Briefly, MacBook Air was odd duck.

There was also Apple apostr s thinnest, lightest laptop. And I was still liking him. Let me explain. I love the MacBook Air because of being full and half kilo lighter than lightest following-Apple laptop. In the world that netbooks that the compromise in the measurement of the screen and keyboard to get small, that has MacBook Air that was very good 13-inch the wide screen and the measurement were full, backlit keyboard.

The MacBook Air is designed for people who appreciate the fact that this Mac laptop weighs 3 pounds and measures 0.76 inches at its thickest point, and are willing to sacrifice all sorts of other features for that lightness. Which leads to the real question: Do the new MacBook Air models sacrifice too many features to make them worth the trade-off in price and size?

The two new MacBook Air models introduced by Apple this month are a $1499 version with a 1.86GHz processor and 120GB 4200-rpm hard drive, and a $1799 version with a 2.13GHz Core 2 Duo processor and a 128GB solid-state drive.

Let's ponder, for a moment, how far the MacBook Air line has come in terms of price. When the MacBook Air premiered, the top-of-the-line model--featuring a 1.8GHz processor and a 64GB solid-state drive--cost $3098. The low end of the line was a $1799 model with a 1.6GHz processor and an 80GB hard drive.

So in 18 months, the top-of-the-line Air has dropped $1299 (you could buy a whole second MacBook for that) while adding 330MHz of processor power and doubling the storage space. The base configuration, meanwhile, has dropped in price by $400 while also gaining a modest processor boost and double the hard-drive space. In other words, the MacBook Air is far more affordable than it was when it was introduced.

This is not to say that it's a great deal in terms of price/performance. You're still paying for that superlight chassis. For the same price as today's entry-level 1.8GHz MacBook Air ($1499), you can buy a 13-inch MacBook Pro with a 2.53GHz processor, double the RAM of the MacBook Air, more than twice the hard-drive space, more USB and FireWire ports, an optical drive, and an SD card reader. The MacBook Pro is also thicker and weighs a pound and a half more.

On the outside, these new MacBook Airs look just like the original MacBook Air models introduced in January 2008. And as always, the Air's physical connectivity options remain quite limited, with just a single USB 2.0 port, a headphone jack, and a Mini DisplayPort. You get no FireWire connectivity, and everything else you connect to the system has to go wireless (via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) or be filtered through that single USB port.

Apple includes a 10/100 USB-to-ethernet adapter in the box now, which is generous, but the fact remains that if you're trying to download a file over ethernet while backing up to a USB hard drive, you will tax that single USB port to the limit. (You'll also need to invest in a serious USB hub.) What's worse, the $99 MacBook Air SuperDrive must be attached to the MacBook Air directly and doesn't offer any passthrough ports of its own, making it impossible to boot from a DVD and then restore from a Time Machine backup stored on an external hard drive. Well, impossible's too strong a word: I was able to pull off the trick by using Apple's $900 LED Cinema Display, which will also power the SuperDrive, as the world's most expensive USB hub.

But in an earlier update to the MacBook Air line in late 2008, Apple seriously upgraded the Air's internals. The first-generation Airs used Intel's slow onboard video circuitry and couldn't cope with warm temperatures at all, but those new models added nVidia GeForce 9400M graphics circuitry, improved bus and memory speeds, and generally coped with heat much better. These latest models also incorporate those improvements, which dramatically improve the MacBook Air experience.

Despite the improved graphics and the faster processors, these two MacBook Air models are still the two slowest Macs currently shipping. Even the $999 2.13GHz MacBookmanaged a Speedmark score of 198 in Macworld tests, while the 1.86GHz MacBook Air scored 156.

What's weird about the new high-end MacBook Air model is that although it costs dramatically less than its immediate predecessor, it's also slower than that model, rather than being faster as we've come to expect with updates. The late-2008 1.86GHz MacBook Air was faster than the new top-of-the-line, 2.13GHz model in 11 of our 18 tests, and as a result, the old system's final Speedmark score was slightly higher. The new low-end 1.86GHz model did a better job versus its predecessor, besting it on most tests and improving on its Speedmark score. Now bear in mind that we still haven't had a chance to fully run the PC WorldBench 6 test suite on these units just yet. Same goes for testing battery life. Once we have those results, we'll update this review and give it a proper score.

We also saw several cases in which the lower-end systems, with slower processors but with physical hard drives rather than solid-state drives, bested their high-end equivalents. Some of these results simply come down to the fact that solid-state drives are faster than physical hard drives at some tasks and slower at others. But on tasks we tend to consider particularly processor-intensive, such as compressing video or rendering 3D objects, the low-end systems also outperformed the higher-end systems. We're not quite sure why this is happening, though it's possible that the Air's thermal-protection systems are aggressively ratcheting down the speed of the faster, hotter processors when they're asked to perform those tasks, slowing their performance.

When I was working on this review, I had to temporarily surrender my previous-generation 1.86GHz MacBook Air so it could be retested by Macworld Lab as a reference system. For five days I used a new 13-inch MacBook Pro, replete with ports and features that the Air lacks. And while I appreciated having dedicated ethernet and hooking up my backup drive via FireWire 800, the truth is, the whole time I longed to return to the Air.

If those feelings make no sense to you, if the Air always struck you as being overpriced and underpowered, these aren't the laptops you're looking for, because the MacBook Air story is the same as it ever was: It's hobbled by having only a single USB port. Its processor is slow, and it's locked into 2GB of RAM. It has no FireWire, no optical drive (without an expensive add-on with nonexistent connectivity or compatibility), and the only way to connect to an ethernet network is via an included USB adapter.

But if the specs that matter most to you are light weight and small size, the MacBook Air is the system for you. These new models aren't much faster than their predecessors (according to Macworld's findings)--in fact, the high-end system is slower than the previous model--but they're cheaper. Unfortunately, we can't give a final score just yet--we're still waiting on PC WorldBench 6 test results--but if the MacBook Air always appealed to you, except for the price tag, it's time to reconsider the Air.

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