The adventure Mars, NASA changed the Orbit to study Warmer Ground

NASA has completed the research mission in the planet's march for eight months during the adjustment in the circulation. The Odyssey orbit design to the first seven years observed the March using the Compromise between what was best for infra red worked for the mapping and the other instruments onboard.
Several important minerals Discoveries Odyssey by the stick from the mapping was done for six months in the beginning of the mission when orbiting geometry was given the middle in the afternoon overpasses. One of the keys to the example: looked for fixed deposit salt evidently was left when the big water body spoken.
"That was a significant new orbit could now get the kind high quality data for the rest of the marches that were obtained by us for 10 or 20 percent of their beginning the planet for six months," said Philip Christensen from Arizona State University, Tempe, the subject of the investigator for the Thermal Emission Imaging System.
Last year, before the three began two years extension of the Odyssey mission, the panel of the planet scientist was gathered by NASA recommended cycle adjustment to maximise the benefit from the knowledge space in forthcoming years.


zambia president joke with monkeys

Zambian President Rupiah Banda, was apparently was not being lucky. Banda was fucked by a monkey when carrying out the press conference in the capital Lusaka. Nevertheless Banda was not angry and responded to the incident with humor. Was like this it was reported, on Thursday (25/6/2009). "You (the monkey) urinated on my jacket," said Banda while to gaze at the side of the monkey that ran on the tree. The monkey was the one member of the Colony that has stabilised in several trees in the palace of the page presidency in Lusaka. "I will make the monkey had the lunch menu for Sata," his laughter while a reconciling of the opposition leader Michael Sata that was overcome by Banda in the general election last year. Banda afterwards continued his press conference. In the meeting with the reporter, Banda gave his view the matter of the handling of the economic crisis and the Zambian export fall.


Twitter sought Consumer Digital Music

A third of the other Twitter user heard music going through the social networking site, 41 percent through online radio and 39 percent watched the other online music videos.
A third of the whole Twitter user's most did not buy the CD three months very much, now 34 percent more often bought him music digitally. If compared with the other users of the site, 23 percent of them bought the CD is now only 16 percent that download digital music.
"Was based on the purchase note" of their music, the more active Twitter user was easy to get information of the company of the recorder music labels and retailers compared with the consumer who did not use Twitter, "said Analyst from the NPD Entertainment Russ Crupnick, was like that quoted from Reuters, on Thursday (25/6/2009).
Results of the survey of NPD Group said, for the last three months was at least Recorded was 12 percent of the Twitter users that bought digital music. Whereas the user of the other site, was only 8 percent
The active Twitter user apparently had the big contribution in the percentage of the consumer of digital music. Recorded was approximately 77 percent of the Twitter users download digital music.
If you buy them the CD users of other sites, compared with 23 percent only 16 percent digital music downloads.
Music social network site users in other excitement Third, over 41 percent to listen to via radio and online music videos online, watch the other 39 percent.
In general, the average two times more frequent YouTube users on the excitement of Music and Music Pandora user giggle visit sites like this than any other was not. Department, with excitement, it's easier to get links to sites are applied.
"The digital music industry at the moment more often to understand the technology and online media to benefit consumers, especially consumers, can take the potential excitement," said Crupnick.
But since according to him giggle a balance between fun and will facilitate online negotiations. In the meantime, on the other hand it must be a balance in terms of digital music marketing.

"Music as a tool to maximize the excitement, music fans, more albums, download music, concert tickets and to purchase goods," will motivate said.


America's Got Talent

If you work for a federal agency that you've heard. Years to come. "Retirement tsunami" that 40 percent of federal workers are eligible for a pension for five years. In fact, the trend is to reduce the economy in May more than baby-boomers start and predicted a mass exodus is likely to flow out of town.

With the financial markets and signaled the possibility of double-digit price Cancel The work of the federal government is not a more attractive employer. Obama has the presidential election to public service among young Americans ghost that has been missing for generations. And the body can take this time to replenish their numbers.

The regulations relating to recruitment and hiring of federal candidates. Government managers about the challenges unique to many forms and background checks for sufficient security permissions to create confusion or even want the application. This can be done through the recruitment process of hiring six months to a year to discourage candidates must work. Randy moon, head and keep employees engaged in the CIA, said the hiring process in May take up to nine months in the organization considered most desirable to work with the federal government.

One way institutions can accelerate the hiring process through this web Pert management software which automates the process of recruiting and hiring. Managers and make it easier to monitor employees. 'Performance and identify the potential for progress. Pert management software may also be important for succession planning, federal, Management to help identify the skills they know that the board and hide the gaps.

Pert management software usually refers to a series of appeals related to recruitment, hiring and evaluating employees. Launching together can be scary, because he spent up to three organizations. Process within four years and again. In addition to risk management and change management strategy. To ensure that the mission is not compromised by the change.

More measured approach will be adopted in each application insolent from the merger. System to help identify good candidates from the pile of candidates. Agents can expect to speak directly to the supply system may participate in the question. And make evaluations.

"Applications that sufficient in-depth, highly flexible and allows you to define and identify what is important, the criteria for" said Chris Feeley, Vice President of Taleo culotté management software company based in Dublin, California Feeley. "Chicago, which was an average of 1,000 candidates for each open position for a software company set aside 90 percent of the processes associated with reducing the pool of candidates.

The candidate answers can be weighted so that the applicant has an attribute that can be moved to the top of the stack if you want to secure items such as the licensing of software that may be requested. Unilever, if accepted and the Program Managers have access to first reduce the time required to go through the same system for the identification of veterans or someone who has the necessary expertise.

Before you rush to create a small mergers important body systems to date. All location information they want to enter must complete skills and Eric Hutchison, Vice President of the assessment and recruitment solutions in Arlington, Va. Vangent Inc as a consulting firm, said to count on Many officers of the old list and skills. review of the system hinders the ability to identify candidates most.

"You can delve into the management system, but not so impertinent to the map of key skills or they are not now, you can apply to individuals, but not entirely new," said Hutchison. It recommends that organizations begin to form the most fundamental analysts see their employees and identify the essential functions of position tend to lose staff. Retirement or the private sector.

"There are ways to use it automatically, but you do not need to buy. The two sets of doors and Caboodle. You can have several key initiatives," said Hutchison.

After the agency's staff, inventory, identify the key competencies expected attrition of employees and positions, the next step is to devise mergers brazen. Used to improve transport description can help managers to questions. Appropriate to reduce the candidates of several candidates. When candidates are selected the software to streamline and accelerate the onboarding too.

Cheeky new application of automated management of a new model, including เร. Documents for both drug testing and post-inspection Employees and managers can follow when they are in employment. The high เร informed by e-mail when new, they need to operate and connect to the other employees to make suggestions and advice.

"Office of Personnel Management is targeting a candidate to the Board within 45 days, the agents are located close to the end" Feeley said. Onboarding software makes the process more intuitive and fully automatic. It also assists in the first part of the candidates, they are first. Introduction to the organization of the good first impression and better conservation. "

After the body has automated the process of hiring and recruitment, applications can include the evaluation of training and professional development programs. The result is a system that integrates music from recruiting employees through retirement, continue to receive updated information on performance and training. Career objective function. But the first step is to use software to quickly identify and recruit the best candidates.

"Cheeky first to be reduced in order to simplify the performance evaluation," said Hutchison. "And it can work even if the problem is a new [system] may improve if you're not ready to lay down but still want create your table, you can use. You do not need to be like deer in the headlights.


Health reform needs public insurer option

Barack Obama said Tuesday the president to review health insurance options for people to enforce market discipline, "but stopped short of veto that legislation without one.

Obama, who has made reform of the health care legislative priority, he stressed that Congress pass a plan to increase costs and reduce the number of uninsured. But added, "We have not taken the line in the sand" on other matters.

"The community, I think, is important for this discipline in the insurance companies," Obama said at a press conference at the White House. "I think that there will be some healthy debate on this form will take."

United States produces about 2.5 billion dollars a year on health care, about 16 percent of gross domestic product, but in many activities with the necessary steps in the field of health. Approximately 47 million Americans are uninsured, and less access to health care.

Obama, who promised reform during the presidential campaign has intensified its efforts to sell the public on the proposal, a series of meetings and speeches, including one in the White House on Wednesday evening.

In an interview with ABC "Good Morning America" that was released on Wednesday, Obama said: "correct" in the Congress believe that health care reform passed this year, as the "Americas must understand that people do."

Suggested that those who do not have insurance through the company and can not afford a purchase on the private market, where insurers and private insurance plans compete.

Obama immediately after the press, the organization that represents private health insurance, which the company issued a final rejection of the state run health plan, the publication June 19 letter to Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy on the website.

"The alternative plan of government - in whatever form - it is not necessary to achieve a comprehensive reform will have consequences and is very effective in health insurance," the letter said American Health Insurance Plans and Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Republicans and private insurance companies have expressed concerns about the plan, argued this would lead to the acquisition of the entire U.S. health care system and private insurance companies, business units.

Obama rejected the idea that, at a press conference.

"If private insurers say that the market provides the best quality health care, if we say that they offer much, and why a government which can not start to say something, it suddenly to conduct business? It is not logical," he said. "They must be able to compete."

Negotiations and COST

Democrats in Congress who are developing law reform in the hope of maintaining the health of choice, but also suggests that the non-profit, medical co-operatives may be formed to compete with insurance companies.

Obama said the government planned to start, which can help the whole system more efficient.

"If the general plan, for example, is able to significantly reduce the cost of administrative and I want that insurance companies take into account," he said. "This is good for all people in the system."

He reiterated his promise to reform health - early estimates could cost more than 1.6 billion dollars - will be devoted primarily to reallocate resources and can not be added to the record U.S. deficit.

"If we spend a lot of money, most of which will be financed through reallocation of existing dollars in the health care system, but does not detract from the good," said Obama.

He opened the press conference said he was convinced that progress in health care in Congress, which has sent the draft back to the end of the year.

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, a group which has a leading role in writing the law, and met with Democratic Republic of the member groups and is optimistic that in the end come to an agreement.

"Every time there is more room for comfort in all important matters. Still there is no longer, but it is a very strong impression that the senator wants to reach agreement on major outstanding issues," he said.

Baucus and after meetings with key Senate Democrats and White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, who called on them to plan for bipartisan health. "Rahm said he wanted to download bipartisan," Baucus for journalists.

He said that they wish to keep the costs under 1 trillion dollars. Concerns about costs causing delays in the schedule to the Commission to consider more knowledgeable of the laws.

"I think that it is important to develop a reliable product. It is not enough to get the product and no way to pay for it," Republican Senator Olympia Snowe told reporters after the meeting.

(Additional reporting Andrew Quinn and Susan Cornwell, editing, Chris Wilson and Patricia Zengerle)


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midsummer fire festival guide

This was begun on Monday, June 21 and walked through July 4, the Snowstorm will place to the World of Warcraft holiday agenda that was acknowledged as "the hot season middle Festival hell." Each city will have the party of the camp where you could continue quests. The player could in all the stages receive gold and experience by visiting the fire all over the world. The level of the max group could call the character a new boss with the repayment for the epic agenda.

The amusing flame desecration game and the amazingly frustrating torch are making a comeback from the previous years events in the Midsummer Fire Festival. One notable inclusion this year will be the Ahune, the Frost Lord. Death is again getting interesting with StarCraft II, as Blizzard is again gearing up for the StarCraft II Beta. For StarCraft players, they will just have to wait patiently. Burning Blossoms are the currency used for the Midsummer Fire Festival used for purchasing seasonal rewards. Dancing around the ribbon pole, tossing the torch, catching the torch and honoring the fire are some of the events. The festival is about merriment and the hottest season of the year is made significant by lighting bonfires all over. Be open to the fact that you would all be sweating when you return from the festival. So be prepared to pick the festival mug and get ready to toast for the start of the festival.The ending of the event is also remarkable as the sky is set alight.

In Azeroth, has sparkled bonfires lit to indicate the the hottest month in the year. That was chosen by Flamekeepers wanted to confirm that they continued into old burnt tonight and in celebration - and they looked for help in the explorer could carry him out. Traverse dug up the land and became dangerous dungeons in they ordered. You could come back was hot, sweated, and somewhat black ... but this the spiritual escort must understand that by being good for the outside gave the agreement wanderer "Enlightenment."

On the other hand the summer solstice day is marked in Scandinavian culture as a day for celebrations and festivals. In Norway too the day is marked with families visiting each other and gathering to listen to music, tell stories, eat, drink, dance and celebrate the longest day of the year.


The sector of agriculture in garut

Garut is one of district which economy activity dominant in agriculture. The natural resources potensial and culture farming was support the activity. However, the activity has been not taking up their civil prosperity. This condition indicated Garut as one of latest district in Indonesia. There for, development of dominant activity potential need to take up prosperity and a whole of regional develompent. One of mainstay agriculture sector is horticulture, specially in vegetables commodities. This commodities has been extensive cultivating in Garut as trading commodities. However, this comodities cultivation carrying out not optimal. Because of this condition, need to superior commodities identification and their distribution in this region. Case study in focused in north development area in Garut. The methode of this research is regional potensial analysis in physical, locational, competitive, and spatial aspect.
Result of this research indicate several vegetables commodities can be develop in this location in short time as well as long time. These commodities groups in four great group as : Priority Superior Commodities, Potensial Superior Commodities, Priority Potential Commodities, and Potensial Commodities in a long time development. Priority superior Commodities is Red Chili in Sukawening, Tomatoes in Cibiuk, and Leaf Onion in Pasirwangi. Potential Superior, Priority Potential Commodities, and Potensial Commodities in a long time development indicate can be spread of develop in several subdistric regarding spatial distribution of these group commodities.
The sector of agriculture was one of the sectors in the economic field yang had the meaning and the important position in the national development. The sector this played a role as the source of the material producer ate, the source of the raw material for the industry, some of the Livelihood the inhabitants, the producer of the country's foreign exchange from the export of his Commodity in fact a big towards the stability and national security. However the existence of the limited land not capable matched the requirement for the land is very fast both from the agricultural sector and non-agriculture, arising as a result the competition for the use of the land that they overlap each other and not consider the aspect of conservation of the environment (Djaenuddin, 1996).
Various development efforts need was carried out, among them by making an exact rational planning, and through both the technical and non technical aspect. The technical aspect could be done among them the potential to decisively territory whereas the technical aspect can be carried out was with the policy approach for the development of this territory. The two aspects are mutually connected tight against the success of the process and results of the development of the territory. The technical aspect was one basic and one appropriate method for development planning area because by this means could see the potential in the power and supported the land in this area for the kinds of land that in considering the assessment of the potential for the territory is the one of the methods that could be used to look for the land that is potential for the development of agriculture.
With the implementation of the assessment potential of this territory was hoped would produce for a planning and development of exact rational agriculture, where the utilization of his land could be optimum, lasting and continuous. The potential of this territory assessment was done through analysis of the potential good territory for the physically and social economics. With this approach was hoped for the resulting potential territory took the form of the supreme Commodity that had the comparative and competitive superiority.
This activity was carried out with the use made of the secondary data that was and still this was representative for the territory that was processed through the analysis of the territory and was integrated with the Geographical Information System. Series of the process of the assessment of the potential for the territory in the top of the results as well as was hoped for finally could more was easy to be understood and understood, and could give fast, rational and actual information, so as can be supportive in the planning of a territory especially for planning the development of agriculture commodities supreme or vegetables in the Garut Regency.
As the dominant sector in the region was based on nature resources, agriculture had the role as the producer of food, the raw materials and industrial raw materials, the provider of employment opportunities and employment efforts, the source of foreign exchange as well as the preservation function of the environment (Nasution, 1997). This shows the Importance of the role of development that could mean the system change from the traditional to modern. Hayami and Kikuchi (in Kasryno, 1984) said that the activity of agriculture in the rural region was difficult to be separated from the whole because of economics that took place generations descended this became the culture.
Because by that, the development of agriculture not only make an effort in order to happen the transformation of production systems only, but also the social Transformation. Therefore, in order that the development of agriculture in some areas went effective must be connected with the social aim, economics or other resources (Barbier, 1991 in Robert, 1995; Saragih, 1997; Nasution, 1997; Jayadinata, 1999; Soepriyanto, 1999).
One of the agricultural commodities that had the potential to be developed in the framework of the development of the territory is horticulture. Horticulture (vegetables, the fruit, flower's) is the supreme Commodity, especially in Java island. The superiority of this is supported by the Commodity condition for the environment (the land and the climate) that was supportive in several locations, some communities that already knew him well, the potential human resources that was not made use of optimally as well as opportunities for the domestic and international market is very big (Saragih, 1997). In addition to the supreme Commodity, horticulture also played a role as the source of nutrition the community, the provider of the field of the work, and supporting the activity and agro agroindustry (Soekartawi, 1996).
The matter is indicated that the development of horticulture was related to the aspect that covered a wider Tecno-economic socio-culture with the farmer. Inspected from the process of production time, the Season planted a short rotation enabled the capital increasingly fast and could minimize the uncertainty factor because of the nature (Mubyarto, 1989).
Was based on results of the analysis, there are of the Commodity Classification is that: the supreme priority, supreme potential, the potential priority commodities and the Commodity potential in the long term. The Commodity winning the priority was determined by the value analysis of the superior location, the high potential for the development, and economically beneficial (high power fangs). The Commodity superior potential was determined by the value of the superior location of the analysis, the potential for the land development for the area or are low, and had the high competitive power. The potential Commodity priority was determined by the analysis of the potential location, the potential for the development land area for the high and economically beneficial. Whereas the potential Commodity that could be developed in the long term was determined by the location of potential analysis, the potential for the area of land development and the high was, and economically beneficial. Views from his study in the distribution territory, it can be seen that the potential for his area was very small.
The supreme Commodity that the priority was determined that is the Great chilli in the Sukawening Subdistrict widely 1868.4 ha of land, as well as the Spring Onion in the Selaawi Subdistrict widely 538.31 ha of land. Nevertheless there is a supreme potential and potential commodities that could be developed further continued. Therefore the number and area Commodity supreme in the region would pembanguanan the north increased.
The Commodity Priority: Cabe of the Sukawening Subdistrict and the Spring Onion in the Selaawi Subdistrict. The Potential Commodity Excellence: the Potato in the Pasirwangi Subdistrict, Daun Bawang Cilawu in the Subdistrict, Bawang Merah Bayongbong in the Subdistrict, Bawang Putih Subdistrict in the Cisurupan, Kembang Col Pasirwangi in the Subdistrict and Tarogong Kaler, Tomato in the Tarogong Kaler Subdistrict and Cibiuk, Cabe Great Wanaraja in the Subdistrict, Sucinagara, Pangatikan, and Malangbong, and peanuts in the Red Selaawi Subdistrict, Karangpawitan, Karang Tengah, and Sukawening. The Potential for priority development Commodity: the Potato, cabbage, Daun Bawang, Petsay, Cabe Large, and tomatoes. Commodities Potential Development of the Long Period: the Shallot, Bawang Putih, Bawang Leaf, Potato, cabbage, Kembang Col, Petsay, Carrot, Red Beans, Long Beans, Large Cabe, cayenne pepper, Tomato, Inserted Breaker Terung, Beans, cucumber, squash, Kangkung, and the spread in several subdistricts Spinach